The new all-organic purely natural KÉRATENE® HydroCell Shampoo
provides the most suitable biocompatibility and dermatological care of the scalp skin for the duration of the post-operative period, such as the cases of FUE/FUT post-operative situations as well as for hair micropigmentation.
This ultra mild bio-organic shampoo contains only natural ingredients of the highest purity, without having to rely on the use of redundant synthetic mediators, conferring the best results, even for the extremely sensitive scalp skin.
The composition of this shampoo does not contain any synthetic foaming or thickening agents, no parabens, no potential irritants and it is charged with rich anti-inflammatory and astringent agents and Omega oils.
The mild formula of this shampoo makes it suitable for hair micropigmentation patients, as well.
For an optimal after-care, use the KÉRATENE® HydroCell Shampoo in combination with the KÉRATENE® HydroCell hair transplant after-care serum.

The Kératene Hydrocell after-care shampoo is suitable for long-lasting results of hair micropigmentation.

For long-lasting results, it is strongly recommended to use a mild (and preferably organic) shampoo which is softer than the regular shampoos.

The hair micropigmentation Kératene Hydrocell after-care shampoo meets the following criteria:

- alcohol-free solvents (for the reasons mentioned above)
- fragrance-free (fragrances can contain alcohol or etheric oils which can dissolve the pigment)
- SLS & SLLS-free (strong degreasing agents)
- some UV filters (UV a&b filters can contain alcohol derivatives or soluble oils)

The hair transplant after-care shampoo is also available for purchase together with the biological KÉRATENE® HydroCell after-care Serum, in a post-operative hair transplant surgery after-care set, designed especially for all hair transplantation patients and hair micropigmentation after-care.

Consult the HOW TO USE section for details.