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The hair therapy against hair loss KÉRATENE® alphactive ULTRA is a concentrated scalp treatment designed to address the incipient phase of hair thinning, at men and women.
The Hair and scalp therapy against hair loss KÉRATENE® alphactive ULTRA contains the highest concentration of immunomodulating active ingredients and several catalyzing agents that help sustain healthy hair growth.
The unique extraction and recombination process of the 5-ard inhibitors used in KÉRATENE® alphactive delivers a needle-like crystalline molecular structure of the thermo-active inhibitors, with an extremely small diameter.
This, plus the addition of complex COX non-specific inflammatory inhibitors, confer the Hair and Scalp therapy against hair loss KÉRATENE® alphactive ULTRA an excellent dermatological penetration and absorption rate.

The results
The hair therapy against hair loss KÉRATENE® alphactive ULTRA contributes to the delay of the effects of incipient androgenic alopecia and to an enhanced control of the hair loss.
KÉRATENE® alphactive ULTRA, in combination with KÉRATENE® alphactive Shampoo, is suitable as sustaining therapy for the preservation of the trichological density for clinical cases of NW I,  NW II, NW III (vertex only), Ludwig I and Ludwig II.
For mild cases of hair loss, the use of the KÉRATENE® alphactive Anti Hair Loss Conditioner is recommended.

The hair therapy against hair loss
FOR WHOM: women & men from 30 years old
CAN DO: contributes to the reduction of daily lost hair strands and supports the natural healthy hair growth, in combined treatment with a supporting therapy (ie. Kératene alphactive rétard, Kératene alphactive B+ complex and Omega 369 complex, any other topical Kératene alphactive product)
CAN 'T DO: stop 100% hair loss or generate new hair growth where all density has been lost

Optimal results are obtained in combined therapy with the KÉRATENE® alphactive Shampoo for at least 60 consecutive days. Results may vary from person to person, according to personal life style, health condition and other factors. Therapeutically compatible with other KÉRATENE® alphactive products.
May be used in combination with Finasteride or other (amino)minoxidil- or aminexil-based products, with restrictions.
This product is not effective in cases of alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis and alopecia androgenetica NW4, NW5 and NW6 as well as Ludwig 3 where total loss of hair density has already occured.
Consult the HOW TO USE section for details.