NEW!   K√©ratene alphactive REDOXYN

K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive Redoxyn is a cost-effective analogue for R√©tard and can be used as replacement for K√©ratene alphactive R√©tard. Special price! Limited stock.
K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive Redoxyn sustains the hormonal balance in the male body so that the ration T/DHT stays under normal limits and helps protect hair follicles against premature miniaturization. K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive Redoxyn is suitable by hair loss and incipient hair thinning at men above teh age of 20.

K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive R√ČTARD

K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive r√©tard is formulated to function as adjunctive support by hair loss and incipient baldness at men and in addition to Redoxyn, it sustains healthy hair growth.
Due to its xenoestradiol-free formula, it contributes to the maintenance of healthy hair follicles.
At men susceptible to baldness, the follicles on the top of the head are 
sensitive to the chemical signals of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
Appropriate control mechanisms for the progressive thinning of hair caused by hormonal and genetic factors, with potential applications in the trichological field for the for the maintenance of the existing hair density, in both pre- and postoperative cases is currently provided by well-known medicated options, such as medicines from the -steride group, for example finasteride.
Finasteride reduces the DHT levels dynamically, depending on the total quantity of free androgen Testosterone (FT) available at one time in the body.
Finasteride manages the enzymatic processes responsible for the chemical reduction between the enzyme 5-ard and the FT molecule, intracellularly in-situ and tissue-dependent.
This property allows substances belonging to the -steride group to have an advanced potential of reducing DHT systemically, for long intervals of time.
Unlike finasteride, K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive r√©tard is not a medicine but a supplement recommended in cases of incipient baldness.
K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive r√©tard does not have the same chemical properties and as such its pharmacokinetics are different.
Contrary to the substances belonging to the -steride group, K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive r√©tard does not interfere directly with intracellular processes.
Also, K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive r√©tard does not interfere with the endocrine production of hormones or with the production of the 5aRD enzyme and its inhibition mechanism does not rely on the use of antagonistic exogenic hormone disruptors or on the use of xenoestradiols or estrogens. As result, K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive r√©tard does not produce any of the side-effects related to the usage of substances belonging to the -steride group.

K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive r√©tard is a supplement.
K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive r√©tard is not a cure for any registered medical disease.
Supplements do not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
The product is intended for adults.
The product is not recommended during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.
Keep away from children.
Individual results may vary from person to person, according to personal life style, health condition and other factors.
Do not exceed the recommended dose for daily consumption.
Other details
Consult your doctor for professional medical advice or before using any medical anti-DHT treatments.
Read the product description carefully before use.

K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive r√©tard, in combination with topical K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive therapies, is suitable as sustaining therapy for the preservation of the trichological density for clinical cases of NW I,  NW II, NW III (vertex only),  Ludwig I and Ludwig II. This product is not effective in cases of alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis and alopecia androgenetica NW4, NW5 and NW6 as well as Ludwig 3 where total loss of hair density has already occurred.

FOR WHOM: men from 20 years old
CAN DO: contributes to preservation of the existing hair density and to the reduction of daily lost hair strands
CAN 'T DO: stop 100% hair loss or generate new hair growth when all or most of the hair density has been lost

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