The post-operative FUE/FUT after-care KÉRATENE® HydroCell Serum provides up to 20* times longer hydration time at the epidermal level, than any other previous version.
In comparison to other similar products, KÉRATENE® HydroCell Serum does not rely on obtrusive synthetic mineral oils to block the humidity at superficial levels, but rather on specially formulated mixtures of all-natural stanols, sterols and fatty acids that form a protective layer around the treated area.

The non-fatty gel-like substance remains on the skin and builds a protective barrier, long after all other aqueous components have been evaporated.
The anti-inflammatory and astringent  compounds contribute to the reduction of the inflammation, irritation and discomfort created by the healing of the tissue.
The Hydrocontrol® system delivers better hydration than the regular NaCl solutions, contributing to the reduction of the discomfort created by the healing of the tissue.
The purely natural formula and active ingredients confer enhanced dermatological care and help reduce the healing time of the donor and recipient areas, for the duration of the post-operative period.

Request this after-care hair transplant serum together with the KÉRATENE® HydroCell Shampoo from your surgeon or buy it online, prior to operation.
The hair transplant after-care serum is available for purchase together with the biological KÉRATENE® HydroCell after-care Shampoo, in a post-operative hair transplant surgery after-care set.
Can be used only after minimum 72 hours after surgery.
Consult the HOW TO USE section for details.

* in vivo tests conducted at room temperature 23 degrees Celsius & 0.1m/s air velocity versus control substance (standardized NaCl 0.9% solution). At higher room temperatures the evaporation time may vary