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Keratene | anti hair loss conditioner    /lis]

The Anti Hair Loss Conditioner KÉRATENE® alphactive is formulated specifically for young people as mild adjuvant therapy in incipient hair thinning at women (grade Ludwig I&II) and at men (grade NW I&II).

This purely organic conditioner against hair loss provides a dual-role:
mild scalp treatment against excessive hair loss
conditioning of the hair strands, for more volume and a natural, healthy, shiny look.

This conditioner against hair loss is recommended for its capabilities to restore the skin's natural pH balance after using chemical  treatments such as hair dyes and permanent, bringing the desired comfort and calming down the skin and can be used as a leave-on anti hairloss conditioner as well.

Optimal results are achieved in combined treatment with KÉRATENE® alphactive Anti Hair Loss Shampoo.
For severe cases of hair loss, the anti hair loss conditioner KERATENE can be replaced by the concentrated KÉRATENE® alphactive ULTRA anti hair loss Therapy or the KÉRATENE® alphactive SerComplex Anti Hair Loss Serum.

Anti Hair Loss Conditioner
FOR WHOM: women & men from 18 years old
CAN DO: contributes to the reduction of daily lost hair strands and support the natural, healthy hair growth, in combined treatment with a supporting therapy (ie. Kératene alphactive rétard, Kératene alphactive B+ complex and Omega 369 complex, any other topical Kératene alphactive product)
CAN 'T DO: stop 100% hair loss or generate new hair growth where all density has been lost

Optimal results are obtained in combined therapy with the KÉRATENE® alphactive Shampoo for at least 60 consecutive days.
Results may vary from person to person, according to personal life style, health condition and other factors.
Therapeutically compatible with other KÉRATENE® alphactive products.
May be used in combination with Finasteride or other (amino)minoxidil- or aminexil-based products, with restrictions.
This product is not effective in cases of alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis and alopecia androgenetica NW4, NW5 and NW6 as well as Ludwig 3 where total loss of hair density has already occured.
Consult the HOW TO USE section for details.